Lord Demise
Great Demon King Demise, are you truly the source of all evil? The creator of all monsters? And would you let me serve you if I gave up my humanity?

hmmm…absolutely NOT.

What do you think of plastic surgery? Is there anything you want to increase/diminish? Maybe enhance the beauty of your eyes, or the muscularity of your torso...

I have nothing that I want to change.

How does Zelda soul taste like?

I have yet to figure this out. 

Do you have a nickname,sir? Like 'Demi' or 'Big D'.

Call me what you wish.

U look like ur dancin on your wallpaper.

Ghirahim teaches me well.

Good day, my King. *curtsies* It is wonderful to see that you have joined Tumblr. I do have a question though; what is your opinion of Ghirahim?

He is my key to keeping that boy away from the girl. I obviously need to have some level of respect for him. He is the ONLY one who receives my respect.

What's that cross on your forehead? Did Link hit you there,man?

Shut your mouth, human. A small scar does not amount to the damage I will cause to Link…and you.